Virtually everyone agrees that physical activities are essential for healthy aging in that they aid mobility and considerably compliment efforts at preventing old-age obesity.


However, only very few people overcome the inertia that accompanies the thought of ‘stressing themselves out’ in the name of exercise.

Truth is exercise doesn’t have to be arduous to deliver health benefits that are typical of the more tasking athletic activities.

Without further ado, here are seven low-impact physical activities to indulge in as an older adult to help you stay fit even as you age.



Not only do sports like tennis help promote hand-to-eye coordination, they also help improve balance and minimize possible age-related decline that impedes vibrancy during movement.

Since Tennis can also be played indoors, adults get a shot at playing alongside their peers within the same age bracket even while avoiding the agony of harsh weather.



At any age, everyone would readily attest to the fun-giving nature of swimming as an athletic activity, especially coupled with the fact that it keeps the body fit while minimizing the impact on the joints.

Swimming ensures that participants are moving their entire body as they wade through the water, stretches the muscles, and keeps the respiratory tracts busy.

This could mean some good news, not just for cardiovascular health but also for physical well being.



Yoga is another one that ticks every health box without, for once, over-exerting the muscles and joints. It has its way of optimizing muscle flexibility and unwinding an otherwise stressed out mind typical of older adults.

The meditative properties of yoga also lowers blood pressure, spirals up overall physical and mental health.



Taking the long walk through the countryside reservation doesn’t only have a soothing effect on your nerves as an adult, it also give you a first-hand opportunity to experience nature while socializing with your peers.

The reassuring thing about hiking is that the speed at which you walk doesn’t really matter. Hiking keeps the muscles, joints flexible and helps avert old-age related mood switches that could take a toll on your health.


Like hiking, Golf is a sport activity that gets you out in the open. It preoccupies you with swinging, aiming and walking while doing engaging discussions with your folks about unfolding developments in politics.


Well, not really in that sequence. But the golf game sure helps build muscles strength, give the brain a workout  and could help in the battle against possible dementia.


Jogging is a fairly gentle form of running that allows you to get all the benefits of exercise without putting your body under huge amounts of strain.

Jogging burns cholesterol, reduces blood pressure and subsequently lowers the risk of heart disease and strokes such that fitness coaches often recommend making it a daily routine.

The burst of oxygen that accompanies jogging also leads to new neurons being created in the brain leading to improved memory and preventing Alzheimer’s


Although it might not seem much of a sport but cycling sure engages the muscles and ensures agility while making it feel like you’re just having fun.

For those who find jogging too tasking, riding bicycles proves to be a low-impact alternative with much more health benefits than just burning calories.

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