Samklef says Nigerians will make the wrong decision in the 2023 elections.


The singer turned music producer shared his opinion in a series of tweets on his Twitter page on Tuesday –ahead of the next general elections.

The 35-year-old further charged citizens to prove him wrong, calling on prospective voters to uphold what is right.

“2023 election Nigerians will make the wrong decision. I pray they prove me wrong. Nigerians wake up and uphold what is right,” his tweets read.


“Nigeria is a nation governed by Fulani minority lunatics with all three branches of government run by them.”


Samklef, who is known for his political commentaries, had earlier made headlines after he claimed the country wasn’t created to work. He had added that Nigeria needs a leader who would run it as though it was a business.


“We voted for democratic government and if any presidency can’t take criticism, make dem resign.. stop using DSS to threaten people,” the singer had written.

“We need a young soul to lead us, come 2023. No past soldier or custom. A pure soul that will listen and lead.

“We need somebody that can run Nigeria as a business. Who do you think will be the best candidate for 2023?

“I have ideas that can generate billions for Nigeria the government needs to give its citizens 1st 24hours light and good fast internet 1st. And I will share my ideas! I no get big head for nothing.”


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