Shopping online is easy, enjoyable, but most times, more expensive than traditional shopping in person. This is probably why you shun tons of online clothing vendors because you cannot be bothered with the expensive prices placed on items online. And that’s a valid point.


In addition to being averagely more expensive, shopping for clothes online can go wrong for a few other reasons, one of which is the disparity between what is displayed by the vendor online, and the item received by clients.

Popularly described as; “What I Ordered vs What I Received”, this situation is not only a time-waster but also, a money-waster.

Without further ado, here are ways to shop for clothes online at a bargain.

  • Use A Site Selling Cheap Clothes

By searching online with the right keywords; like cheap clothes stores, alone, you’ll be sure to get tons of results on stores or social media pages selling cheap clothing items around your location.

Upon getting the results you can then go ahead to choose the vendors which catch your eye and have the items you’re looking out for.

  • Buy In Bulk

Just like physical shopping, shopping in bulk online will reduce the overall cost you’ll be spending. This applies most especially to the logistics around delivery since you’ll most likely be paying the same amount it would have cost for the delivery of one item for all items purchased.


However, take note that you do not buy items that are heavier or occupy too much space as this could cost more. You may also be lucky to get a discounted delivery price or free delivery in some cases. Look out for these from the vendor’s description or ask them in person.

  • Take Advantage Of Holiday Deals

Yes, take advantage of deals making rounds during the holiday season. Usually, vendors offer a certain percentage off the original prices of items during the holidays or special days (their birthday, Val’s Day etc).
Another type of discount to take advantage of are offers such as coupon codes, promo codes etc. These can easily be found on hashtags associated with the store or page.

  • Compare Prices

There’s really no harm in comparing the price range of various vendors on items especially when shopping high. Usually, individual vendors place varying prices on the same item. And by comparing prices and going for the cheapest you can find, you’ll be saving yourself some cool bucks.

  • Sign Up For Updates

To stay up-to-date on the latest sales, discounts, or special offers by cloth vendors, sign up to their preferred notification medium be it, email, or notification bars on social media platforms like Instagram.
By doing this, you get access to early on notifications about whatever deals they might be running and make the most of it.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to bother with clicking on that notification box just yet and be bombarded with every notification they have going on, you can target seasons like the holidays and Black Friday Sales when most vendors usually give discounts. Better still follow them on social media and stay updated on whatever discount sale they have going on.

Although these steps have worked for us in landing the cheapest deals on clothing items online, there is no guarantee that you’ll get cheaper deals yourself.

However, you can try any of these out to your own discretion and tell us what results you get in the comment box. Are there other methods you applied? Do let us know as well.


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