The episode starts with Iyabo Ojo hard launching her man. I mean, she’s hard-launched on her Instagram page earlier, but this just feels like an even harder launch. Finally, one step towards the cast of the RHOL being actual “housewives.” Ladies and Gentlemen, I love loveeeeeee !!! Paulo seems to be the perfect partner for exuberant Iyabo, and I’m here for it. She loves that he babies her, and we love that he pampers her — just good vibes.


Chioma, are you sure you didn’t have a tea party after visiting Tania because that outfit has me in stitches? Sometimes, it feels like Chioma does the most, but it’s understandable considering her “fashion icon” status.

Toyin goes to catch up with Mariam (more like gossip), and Mariam mentions the two new “wives.” From Toyin’s insinuations, she casually talks to Tania, and while they’re not friends, Toyin seems to have some “tea” on Tania. Maybe I was wrong, but Toyin seems to like the idea of Faith. I do like that Mariam didn’t instigate more tension by telling Toyin the things Chioma said. Toyin and Chioma have nothing good to say about each other, and please — @directors of RHOL — I need them in the same space with no security for 20 minutes.

Not Laura talking about how excited she was when Faith showed up: girlll in the last episode or the one we didn’t see ?? Laura needs to step up as a friend as she barely even spoke up for Faith in the previous episode, especially because she had invited Faith to Mariam’s spa hangout.


Meanwhile, Chioma has a new man that we don’t know about. Her relationship with him seems new and genuine; he balances out her soft girl x hard-working CEO sides, and I’d love to see more of this love-hard version of Chioma on the show.

I had some hope for Aunty Iyabo in this second episode, hoping the friendly, warm version of her that we saw in season one would resurface in her second meeting with Faith, but was I wrong? I love that Faith is trying hard to be her friend, maybe because of Priscy, but Iyabo is making it so hard. It’s so funny that the minute that Laura shows up, Iyabo leaves – I love that non-hypocritical attitude, there is no room for pretense.

Who is this Dr Rommel and what are these off-handed comments? Do you think you’re savage? Let them put you with these ladies in the same space for five minutes, and I’d like to see you come out mentally intact. I love the way Faith is so aware that the other “wives” will come for his head if he oversteps – which I think he will.


I’m still very apprehensive of Iyabo playing peacemaker between two people who loathe each other. It’ll either be so good or so bad. I was having some doubts about Iyabo and Toyin still being friends, but this episode proved me wrong, and for the first time, I was happy to be wrong. They had such a good sisterhood in season one that I hoped would still be present in this season.

The way I anticipated Chioma’s yard sale was so unreal, and it’s because Iyabo had somehow convinced Chioma to extend an invitation to Toyin to show up. Not the new “wives” being so early, I’m not sure they got the memo of “African time.”

God, have I missed Toyin and her dramatic outfits and entrances?? It’s so nice the way she and Chioma shared a warm embrace and the fact that Toyin was self-aware about what she did and apologized for her being violent.

Wait, Dr. Rommel, after all the self-accolades, that’s the best outfit you could have pulled up in? To RHOL? To meet these people for the first time? Did you not watch season one? But points for the good vibes you brought in.


One thing is how rich people make me laugh. Chioma’s auction bids start at N250k, and in her words, that’s her being considerate because she doesn’t want to seem too greedy. While I was still in awe of the N250k, the first bid of the night went for N500k, the following bid at N550k, and from Laura! Clothes were auctioned for millions, and I know the Good Way Foundation will eat good. One thing to ask: where are you people picking up money in Lagos from?

Overall, this episode was calm, with little tension or arguments, and you know what they say about the calm before the storm. It’s only a matter of time before things blow up.

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