The controversy over Peruzzi’s “unfinished business” with Golden Boy Entertainment (GBE) has resurfaced after Patrick Anyaene, the singer’s ex-record label boss, leaked his contract documents.


In 2018, Patrick had accused Peruzzi — who hit fame after joining Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) — of breaching his contract. Patrick also laid claim to some hit songs Peruzzi released under DMW.

Patrick had said he felt bad and initiated talks for settlement when he found that Peruzzi had given songs to Davido.

He had said: “I don’t have problems with Davido. I have issues with Perruzi, my artiste. All the songs Davido released since last year (2017) November are my records… because those songs were written by my artiste.


“He started working with me in 2016. I was paying him. I officially signed him in 2017 for a three-year contract.”

The matter returned to the fore on Saturday when footage from Peruzzi’s interview on Nancy Isime’s show surfaced on Twitter. During the show, Peruzzi spoke about how Patrick once got him arrested over the issue.

Reacting, Patrick launched a Twitter tirade while sharing Peruzzi’s contract files and audio conversations involving Davido. Among the files is a spreadsheet detailing what Patrick claimed was the expenses he incurred in Peruzzi’s name.

During the term of the contract (signed Nov. 18, 2016), Patrick claimed he spent a total of N32.7 million on Peruzzi.


A rights and obligations clause in the three-year-contract contract read: “All master records delivered hereunder or recorded during the term of this agreement continues to remain teh exclusive rights of the record label (GBE).”

In two leaked audio files from a conversation he had with Peruzzi and Davido, Patrick said: “This signing thing, I only did it for formality. Before that, I could feel his potential in him. I met Peruzzi randomly in Abuja.

“We became friends before I knew how good he was. We did all kinds of music. I felt that I would be a fool to not sign him. I had personally said I wasn’t going to sign an artiste anymore.

“But Peruzzi was in a situation where he needed an audience. I knew the risks and had to sign a contract to protect my interests. He’s not going to die in GBE or DMW. That was my personal dream. I just wanted  Peruzzi to blow.


“The fact that I treated Peruzzi with love and I’m getting the vibe that I treated him bad is upsetting.”

In one of the audio tapes, Davido can be heard saying that the controversy between Patrick and Peruzzi must be sorted out so that the latter can move forward with his career.

But in Peruzzi’s recent conversation with Nancy Isime, the singer said: “I’m good; I like courts. He (Patrick) got me arrested one time. I’d landed in Lagos after a show in Abuja. You say you signed an artsite and you have a contract.

“And the artiste broke it. That means you’ll win for sure in court, right? So, why don’t you just go there?”


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