Tania seems sweet and easygoing; she reminds me of Samantha from RHOA. I wonder if she’ll have the energy to match the other ladies and the incessant drama.


Faith Morey, on the other hand? Get into that intro! She calls herself a “6ft Amazon Goddess”, and why shouldn’t she? Considering her dominant personality coupled with her fashion style, I wonder if she’d have clashed with Toyin Lawani.

The episode opens with Mariam Timmer booking a whole restaurant to settle some issues from last season with Toyin Lawani.

Genuinely, I did think theirs would be the only relationship to last from the previous season, considering how Mariam was first introduced to the RHOL season one.


I understand other housewives except Laura not checking in on Toyin, considering how season one ended. But Iyabo Ojo? Or are we missing something? Toyin can be such a clown, though, making jokes in what I call a ‘dairy session’ about the issues Mariam brought up.

One thing to note is how both parties feel; Mariam feels like Toyin had no reason to say what she said, and also says Toyin wants a friend she can control. Toyin, on the other hand, seems to be someone who says different things in the heat of the moment but doesn’t really mean it.

Iyabo and Chioma still have a good relationship, as we’ve seen both on the first season and off the show.


Notably, it was wrong for Toyin to show her designs to Chioma during Laura’s show, but Toyin keeps insisting that it wasn’t wrong and that this is the bane of her beef with Chioma. The latter also mentions she detests Toyin’s husband. Regardless of how intense an argument is, violence is never an option, and Toyin should know this.

Iyabo once again is playing peacemaker, and I think it’s a quality that might make her look like she has no loyalties.

Laura, Laura! Forever the family woman x businesswoman.

She wastes no time getting into the new makeup product launch she wants Mariam to promote.


Toyin lets us know that the more we Nigerians hate her absurd designs, the more international brands reach out to her.

Laura and Faith seem like old friends, and it seems like a new alliance for Laura, considering she didn’t end season one with that many friendships left. Laura wants to show Faith “who to roll with in Lagos” and sorry for the laugh, but Laura had better focus on finding friends who’ll stick with her first.

It seems even Laura and Toyin still have some unsettled issues. On the other hand, Tania and Chioma are also long-time friends.

I wish both ladies were free of the influence of the old ‘wives’ and their opinions from S1. I would have loved them to come as entirely new characters and get to know the old ‘wives’ on their own.


Mariam is the first ‘host’ of the season, planning a spa retreat for the ladies, and with all the friction, it was expected to either be very good or very explosive, but luckily, Toyin cancelled at the last minute.

The first thing that pops up is how some of the women feel like Tania looks like Caroline from the previous season. Mariam even feels like Chioma has a type with “friends”. I’m also interested in knowing the history of Mariam and Tania.

From Faith’s dramatic, very stylish entry in the first get-together, I can see future tension between her and Toyin because dramatic outfits and dramatic entries are so Toyin’s thing as the self-crowned “king of fashion.” Her first entrance didn’t make a good impression on some ladies, especially Iyabo and Mariam. It was rude for Iyabo to ask who invited her, like she was a stranger, considering she had met Faith at Priscilla’s collaboration with Faith. Laura had also mentioned she invited her. Even more rude was how she stepped on Faith’s dress train and if I didn’t know better, I’d say Iyabo was a bit intimidated by Faith.

I think it’s very hypocritical for Mariam to plan an event for “peace” and still end up intentionally causing friction.


Faith’s confidence is just top-tier and I look forward to seeing how much more of her personality we’ll see on the show.

Laura, we know you can’t take a bullet for any of the girls on the show, but you don’t have to say it so bluntly, especially with the new friend you invited present there.

Chioma seems to be almost elated that all the other ladies are not on really good terms with Toyin, calling it “a testament to her character.”

At this point, Priscilla should be a prominent fixture on the RHOL because she’s involved in so many things. I didn’t think the first meeting of Iyabo and Faith would be through Priscilla.

It’s a point of curiosity why Caroline didn’t return, and it seems like all of the old “wives” still hold animosity for her. It appears to be a much deeper issue than was portrayed on the show, but I do love the drama she brought up last year. So cheers, Caroline.

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