Precious Chikwendu, the ex-wife of Femi Fani-Kayode, former aviation minister, has released photos of what she alleges is evidence of domestic violence inflicted on her by her ex-husband.


The actress released the photos in reaction to the death of Osinachi Nwachukwu, the late gospel singer.

Osinachi was alleged to have been a victim of domestic assault.

Her husband, Peter, was arrested after Osinachi’s death was attributed to physical abuse.


Reacting to the issue, Chikwendu, who has been in a legal tussle for the custody of her four children since her marriage to Fani-Kayode crashed in 2020, took to social media to share photos of her injuries.

The marriage had ended over Chikwendu’s claim of domestic violence and Fani-Kayode’s counterclaim of infidelity.

In the caption she put on the photos, Chikwendu argued that the weight of victimhood and what she described as the unfair public perception of them make domestic violence victims stay in abusive marriages.


“I’ve been silently reading so much of the blames people are heaping on Osinachi for not speaking up,” she wrote.

“Sweethearts, you can’t understand the weight on a victim of domestic violence or how we go through so much compartmentalizing how the world would look at us, close friends waiting to laugh at us.

“…those who would say we warned you, how our family members would humiliate us of putting them to shame if we do leave, how we would be irrelevant in places where we were deemed relevant by the status of marriage.”

Chikwendu advised that the abused should “run” out of the union if their partners often feel intimidated by their personality or “can’t learn to talk over arguments” without resorting to physical attacks.


“You all forget that a narcissistic partner is one who feels threatened by the abilities or potential of their partner. I’ve said this to so many women and men I’ve had a chance to speak with after enough [heartbreak],” she said.

“If he or she is intimidated by your personality, achievements, charisma, strength, or God-given talent, sweetheart run for your life. Envy mixed with a slice of hate is violence-prone when it has to do with partners or lovers.”

See the photos Chikwendu shared below.


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