Omoni Oboli, the Nigerian actress, has given women a piece of advice in her New Year message. 


In a recent Instagram post, the 44-year-old filmmaker said 2023 should be a year where women support, encourage, and praise their gender.

She also advised women to shun competition, hate, or jealousy.

The actress further took a shot at mature women who still behave in a “mean and childish” manner, asking them to seek help.


“If you are a full-grown woman and still a “Mean Girl” please seek help. It’s weird,” she wrote.

“It’s 2023. We don’t sneak diss, bully or hate on other women. We uplift, encourage, and applaud each other. And if you really don’t like someone or something then simply don’t interact with them. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Don’t be messy or miserable. Please evolve and adapt to the times. Shalom.

“Women need other women in their lives who think they are a big deal. No competition, no backhanded comments, no jealousy, no hate, just “I love you, I support you, and there is no one on Earth like you” kinda energy.


“Lord as you bless me please don’t forget my family and friends. I’d like us all to win.”


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In May last year, Oboli revealed how being raised by a single mother “shaped who I am today”.

The actress is married to Nnamdi. Their union will clock 23 years, this year.


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