Ime Bishop Umoh, the Nollywood actor better known as Okon Lagos, has advised Nigerians on the need to collectively fix the country.


In an Instagram post on Sunday, the comedian referred to the case of Christian Obumseli, the Nigerian-American who was recently stabbed to death by his American girlfriend.

The 27-year-old Obumseli who lived in Florida with Courtney Clenney, his girlfriend, died as a result of the multiple injuries sustained.

Clenny, a model, was arrested following the incident, and was later hospitalised under the ‘Baker’s Act’.


The ‘Baker’s Act’ allows law enforcement, judges, and doctors to commit a person to a treatment centre for 72 hours if certain violent behaviour or suicidal tendencies are displayed.

The model, who was said to have shown such signs, has not been charged with the death of her boyfriend.

In the post, Okon Lagos noted that the lady is still walking free even after she committed a crime.


He urged Nigerians to come together to fix the country, so as not to be a “second class citizen of another country”.

“A white American lady stabbed her Naija boyfriend to death. She is walking the streets free as we speak, while the man’s family is still mourning,” he wrote.

“The difference is clear, one is more American and human than the other. To be a second class citizen of another country may hurt deeper tomorrow.

“You genuinely have no other country apart from Nigeria. Let’s collectively fix her.”


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