Hilda Dokubo, a Nigerian actress, has questioned President Mohammadu Buhari’s planned gradual lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown in Lagos and Abuja on May 4.


Taking to her Twitter page on Friday, the actress also faulted how the outbreak is being handled in the country.

Hilda wondered which of the president’s aide was lying to him about the situation of things.

“1500 persons by 14 days is 21,000. By 4 weeks, its 42,000. How then can the committee tell us that they have tested only slightly above 10,000?” Dokubo can be heard saying in a video.


“We’re close to 2000 persons who have tested positive for the virus. Using the strength of 10,000 tested and 2000 infected, that places us at 20 percent. That’s higher than in many countries.

“Who is lying to the president? On the strength of a lie, he has approved the ease of movement and he has also approved the increase of the number of people to be tested to 2500,” she said.

“If they could not accomplish 1500, how then are they able to achieve 2500 a day? The nurses and doctors and all health workers are working extremely hard.


“They’re breaking themselves into pieces just to save lives and a few people are sitting in the comfort of an airconditioned room reaching agreements that empower only their pockets.


“Sometimes, when I think of what people that sit in committees come up with, I wonder what runs in their veins, blood, or water? They react like people who don’t feel the pain of others.”

Hilda also charged Nigerians not to relax their safety measures as the disease itself isn’t relaxing.

She warned that the safety of the lives of many Nigerians would now be in their own hands.

“You have moved responsibility from yourself and hung it on the neck of the common masses, the same people that you are supposed to be protecting,” she said.


“The palliatives didn’t get to them, no one is empowered to carry out research so research is not going on and now, you are throwing people back into the streets.

“…The streets that you haven’t even fumigated, you haven’t even cleaned up but you have told us that this virus is airborne and can stay airborne for 8 hours.”

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