An American study has attributed the increased rate of single women to the behavior of new generation men.


The research, which was carried out by Gina Diles, discovered that there are much more married men than women; at 80 years, only 17 percent of women are married while 60 percent of men are married at that age.

“Clearly, some of this is to do with women’s higher life expectancy and the fact that women marry older men. And although many older women face poverty and loneliness on their own, many actually choose not to remarry,” New Telegraph reports.

“They’ve got friends, book clubs and a lifetime of picking up after other people to make them think twice before adding another Y chromosome to the mix. It can’t be coincidence either that the oldest woman in the world, 116-year old Emma Morano, booted out her husband in 1938 and has been living solo ever since.


“Modern internet man seems to have been formed in a cavern where basic manners, a kind smile, a twinkle in the eye and the ability to write a decent sentence – let alone a witty one free of emoticons and emojis – counts for nought.”

Although the era of masculinity and proper courtships was impressive, women were said to have been trapped in miserable marriages.

According to the researcher, porn and dating apps have made modern men selfish and ultimately made them incapable of effectively satisfying the sexual needs of the modern woman.


Men now use sexual equality as an excuse to let go of their strength and they are no longer willing to go the extra mile for women.

Dines, who is a sociologist of pornography, has observed that porn is robbing sex of its pleasure and thrill.

Many men are lovely, kind, attractive and good fun to spend time with but most of them prefer to be cool— choosing drinks, partying and wearing tight trousers, she says.

Hence, more women are choosing to be single, carving out their own ways to work, play and live because men are becoming more addicted to porn and online dating.


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