Rapper/record label executive, MI Abaga, says there is no reason homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to be who they are.


The artiste, on a podcast show, Middle Ground, criticised the gay rights law in Nigeria.

In a conversation that veered into lesbianism, gay rights, moral ethics and what not, MI could be heard talking at length about how everyone is entitled to their sexuality.

He said: “It’s not my business what anybody does. And what I mean by that is it’s my privacy. Everybody has a right to their privacy.


“If you bring a tape of two men having sex then you can prove [they are gay]. But for the most part, how are you going to prove without fringing on someone’s right or privacy- going through their phone. It almost seems to me to be an unenforceable law.”

There were mixed reactions towards his argument on social media. MI’s standpoint sparked a condemnation of the artiste from his own fans, as they weren’t quite keen to take his side.

A somewhat disappointed fan responded to the conversation via Twitter saying, “I never thought I’d ever disagree with MI on anything, but saying Nigeria’s law on Gays/Lesbian is wrong…I totally disagree sir”.


Another fan said,


One fan couldn’t just imagine it.


The artiste, however, remained resolute with his argument about the issue.


MI has had a record of being controversial and outspoken on popular and unpopular issues.

Middle Ground, which started barely a month ago, is a podcast where MI, Loose Kaynon, Wendy Akomolafe-Kalu and April Maey come together to “talk s**t”.

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