Police authorities have requested information into the case of a woman who alleged that she was kidnapped by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Lagos.


On Saturday, the lady, who narrated her ordeal via Twitter, claimed that she and Bizzle Osikoya, a music consultant and co-founder of ThePlug, were whisked away by seven armed men.

The lady said the incident, which occurred in Lekki, also involved a female friend of hers whom she simply identified as Lamide.

She said the operatives accosted them without identifying themselves as policemen. The lady also alleged that they were, thereafter, accused of possessing illegal drugs.


“We were kidnapped by SARS. They blocked the road suddenly. About seven men dressed in black came out with guns. I’m thinking we are being robbed!! But no, it was Nigerian police,” she wrote.

“They take our phones and bags. Bizzle is asking what is this? Who are you? No answers, just shouting. I’m telling Lamide, ‘please be calm’ (she’s in tears and panicking).

“I had no idea if we were being robbed or kidnapped. Lamide and I were put in a car; Bizzle is in his with 4 of them. Now, they are taking us to God knows where in their car with massive GUNS.


“They are speaking Yoruba to each other. I’m here trying to talk to them, asking questions.

“Lamide is scared asf (I’m less scared now just trying to be brave for us. She was in no mind frame to do the talking). The guy is telling his partner that he will spray us with tear gas.

“And that we have weed and drugs on us. (We didn’t have anything on us. Lamide is a bit gone, Bizzle doesn’t drink or smoke, I’m completely sober). That’s when I realized they were police.

“I assumed armed robbers wouldn’t threaten with tear gas. Now my fear is that they will plant things in my bag. I started talking to them in Yoruba asking where we are heading to, let’s talk.”


Recounting how they got out of the situation, the lady said Bizzle started screaming from the vehicle in which he rode with four of the men.


She said his screams attracted the attention of pedestrians and commuters and a crowd began to assemble before their confiscated devices were returned and they were released.

“Bizzle’s car is behind as driving. Suddenly Bizzle jumps out screaming( where are my sisters, who are you). He is creating a scene, which seemed like what to do at that moment,” she continued.

“But that went south fast. They were all around him ready to put him in handcuffs and shoot. So I start talking for us 3 now. Ready to pay our way out. I was speaking telling them things about me.

“…that listen I have a meeting at 8am if I don’t make it, people will look for me. Telling all sorts of lies, I work in security.


“The scene Bizzle caused drew a lot of attention from uniform wearing police officers and people driving by. They stop as well. FYI, Lamide and I are still in their car far ahead of this crowd.

“I got through to one. He is asking for money. I was ready to pay all I had to just get us out of this. Lamide is still in panic and tears. At this point, I was more pissed off than fearful or scared now.

“I just wanted to be treated with respect and my rights. Bizzle is shouting this is unlawful. He still doesn’t know where we are still. We get down out of the car. I had gotten through to one.

“Speaking Yoruba, the policeman is telling me why didn’t we talk about payment! He asks for cash or should we go to an ATM: Nigerian Police. I’m saying Oga we thought you were robbers.

“He gets offended I said that (I’m like which police put people in unknown cars, drives them to God knows where without their belongings) and we are in NIGERIA ABEG.

“Bizzle sees us, still screaming they kidnapped them to everyone. From nowhere, one gives us our phones and bag and say we are lucky. People are around us checking if we are ok.

“They let us go reluctantly and angry they didn’t get anything from us. Bizzle still not ok with all this. He is fuming. Lamide is still scared. Anyway, we are now in our car. Driving away!

“A uniformed officer tells us to thank God, that they kill recklessly. We’re lucky we made it out.”

They said no one will save me next time, says Bizzle

Taking to his verified Twitter handle, the music talent developer said the men had threatened he won’t be lucky to get away when next they meet him.

“SARS arrested someone in Vi and took him to their base in Egbeda. Like WTF!!! They tried it with me, wanted to take me from Lekki to Lere, thank God for AkoNaUche,” he wrote.

“I jumped out when they got to a police checkpoint in Lekki and started screaming Kidnappers. How can police be telling me You escape today, we go jam another day and nobody go save you.”

In response to their different accounts, the police complaint resource unit (CRU) demanded that the specifics of the incident be provided towards following up with an investigation.

“Make resolving your complaints easier @PoliceNG_CRU Provide full details of occurrence; When, Where, What, How, Who, Whom. #BailisFree,” it wrote while quoting the lady’s thread.

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