Admit it, you’re tired of hearing the tales of woe your friend so readily shares about their singlehood. It’s always one talk about how they’re single today, and how they cannot wait to be in a relationship tomorrow.


Naturally, this could get tiring and as a good friend that you are, you might want to help your friend by setting them up with blind dates who could become potential partners.

However, setting up two strangers can be a tough call and if not done right, the situation could lead to some serious issues for not only the two strangers but also, for you too.

So how can you set two people up on a blind date without causing more harm than good? Take some cue from our simple tips below:

  • Make Sure The Two People Are Compatible

One of the most important determinants of a successful blind date is the compatibility of the couple.

Hence, it’s important to make sure the two people whom you’ll be setting up have at least one or two common grounds. You do not want to set up two people who have absolutely nothing in common and could otherwise bore each other.

In the case that you do not know the person you’re setting your friend up with, do some research to find out the interests, and values of this other person and compare them with those of your friend’s.

  • Do Your Research On Any Party You’re Not Familiar With

Sometimes, you may not be too familiar with the person you’re setting your friend with. And let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want to set your friend up with a serial killer right?

To avoid unnecessary drama, you may want to carry out some research on this person from those who know them or online. Basic information like what they do, where they’re from, where they work or live could come in handy. Don’t also forget that this info would be presented to your friend or family member before they go on their date.

  • Brief Each Party About Who They’ll Be Meeting

 You can not afford to send someone away on a blind date without giving them at least some background info on who they’d be meeting.

Is he or she a mutual friend? Family member? Colleague? Family friend? etc. Does he or she reside in the same town as the person you’re setting them up with?


These are some useful information a person going on a blind date needs to be equipped with.

  • Check Up On Each Person You Set Up After The Date

 Blind dates are like examinations and whoever you set up is like a student who you coach.

A responsible coach should find out their student’s exams went. Likewise, you should check up on the person you set up to find out how their date went. Was it good? Awkward? Chances of a second date? These questions would be answered once you get feedback from your friend or family member.

Of course, even after following these tips a blind date will remain a blind date and is subject to chance – 50 percent chance of working out and 50 percent chance of not working.


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