It’s natural to find the regular weekend movies, Chinese restaurant treats monotonous, and yearn for a romantic picnic — just something refreshing with your partner.


Unlike some outings where all you need do is to arrive at the venue and have great fun with your significant other, the secret to having a romantic picnic is proper planning.

Here’s how to plan a memorable picnic.

Check weather forecast


Picnic is usually an outdoor activity and natural environmental interference like rain, sandstorm and even intense sunshine may ruin your date.

So, your first step is to do a weather check and choose a date that would be most convenient for your outing.

Choose a perfect spot


A cosy spot where you can reflex, share and have fun with your partner is all matters. Although there’s no hard rule on where is best for your picnic, many prefer visiting popular parks to enjoy nature’s breathtaking beauty.

Pick a romantic menu

Your menu should include a couple of your partner’s favourite snacks or meal. You should also plan the number of drinks you intend to take along.

You can make plans for starters, main course and desserts. It is advised that your menu shouldn’t include heavy foods that may trigger sleep or tiredness.



From ’20 questions’ to traditional outdoor games like cards, word puzzle — just pick a game your partner won’t find boring. There’s also an alternative of leveraging on the gaming services available at your chosen picnic venue.


This is what sets the right ambience for your romantic picnic. Get a bluetooth speaker and don’t forget to download some love songs on your smartphone before the D-day.


You can also include some trending hip-hop songs in case you decide to dazzle your partner with your dance move, or just dance together.

Other essentials 

Other items like dishwares, napkins, ice packs (for drinks), coolers, picnic blanket or mats will also come in handy. Ensure you do a checklist prior to the date and most importantly prepare to have fun with your significant other.


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