The beauty of fashion is that one can break any fashion rules with the right clothes and attitude.

One of such rules is the scrutiny surrounding wearing a pair of jean clothing in the corporate and semi-corporate space.

Jeans have been around for decades and managed to make big comebacks with every fashion trend since its inception.

This is partly because jeans are available for persons of all age groups, economic class or nationality and also because jeans are durable.

In discussing how to get away with jeans at corporate settings, we’ll look at four ways to creatively style any jean clothing.

To begin with, the first rule to note is your office dressing policy. Take into careful consideration your office dressing policy before attempting this jean fest. You do not want to come under the prying eye of the HR department.

Pair jean pants with a statement blouse

While a pair of jeans can tone down an outfit, a well-styled corporate blouse will tone up the entire outfit enough to present you as a chic corporate individual.

Bell-sleeved blouses, peplum blouses, striped blouses and belted blouses are few examples of statement tops that can flatter both your stature and size, giving you that chic finish.

Choose blouses depending on your personal style and rock the minds of your colleagues.

Optimize the jean shirt

A couple of years ago, jean shirts where the thing but that trend isn’t going to rest anytime soon.

Create an unforgettable piece with a well-fitting jean shirt paired with jean pants, or corporate pants.

While the jean-on-jean outfit will never fail to be chic; pairing a jean shirt with a pair of carefully selected corporate pant will give your outfit a fresh feel.

Opt for pants in basic colours with figure-flattering styles to accentuate your figure.

Folding the arms of the jean shirt is a trend that works perfectly, especially in a semi-corporate setting.

Take it up a notch with blazers

Blazers have the unique ability to upgrade even the most laid-back of outfits into looking super serious.

If you have strict office clothing policies but also want to show off your chic side, then pair your pair of jeans with a well-tailored blazer.

Preserve this outfit for a Friday: some organizations allow this kind of clothing on that day.

Heels will do the trick

Heels are heaven-sent to take an outfit to the next level of sexy. If you love your heel-game, then, by all means, pair your favourite jean clothing with a corporate court shoe or sandal.

Stay away from loud colour tones

If your intention is to dress up for work, then, by all means, skip the colour-blocking styling.

Avoid jeans in loud colour tones and stick to those in basic colours like blue, white, grey and black.

Save your colour-blocking jeans for a wild party!

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