Harrysong, the Afrofusion singer, says he will marry a second wife if Alexer Peres, his partner, agrees to it.


Speaking in an interview with Hip TV, the 42-year-old said not getting his wife’s approval before taking such a decision will be tantamount to “disrespect”.

“The thing is, I love my wife so much. I take very good care of her and I have great respect for her,” he said.

“So, if I talk about marrying a second wife, yeah, maybe. But common, it will not be disrespectful to my wife. It will be what she agrees, permits, and agrees to. Basically, I will not disrespect her.


“So, if I’ve talked about marrying a second wife, just know that we are all going to be one big family altogether.”

Harrysong also spoke about his next plans after ‘God Amongst Men,’ his latest project.

“God amongst men’ is much more than music. It is a timeless sound. Some of the things that I couldn’t really talk about, I sang about them. You’ll hear some deep truth. Some kind of stories that I’ve not said before,” he added.


“It takes a lot to put out a music box as powerful, blessed, and rich as I do.

“So after ‘God amongst men’, we’re just gonna be having singles.”

Harrysong and Alexer tied the knot in March 2021

Their union has so far been blessed with two children — Daviva and Purity.


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