Google Maps has developed ‘Plus Codes’, its own address system, to map and locate places without physical addresses across mobile devices using its applications.


‘Plus Codes’ are a set of alphanumeric characters that reinvent coordinates and addresses to come in sync with the tech giants services, uniquely identifying nameless locations so long as they exist.

Google debuted the feature on its mapping app in response to widespread concerns among gadget users about having locations and addresses, the precision of which could be difficult to work out.

“While most people take having a fixed, physical address for granted, two billion people across the globe either don’t have an address or have an address that is hard to locate,” Google said.


“This makes it difficult for people to find them, particularly in an emergency. This is why Google has developed Plus Codes and is rolling them out for Google Maps on Android.

“Plus Codes can be combined with a locality (for example FWM8+V9, Ibadan, Nigeria). They look like a regular address, but with a shortcode where a street name or number would be.”

Highlighting the premise for the new development, Google said the potentials that ‘Plus Codes’ bear for emergency service outfits and online retail stores for whom prompt delivery are critical.


“If you’ve ever been in an emergency, you know that being able to share location for help to easily find you is critical. Yet organisations struggle with this challenge,” the tech giant said.

“Digital addressing through Plus Codes means that everywhere now has an easily identifiable location, saving time, and getting resources there when it really matters.

“Not having an address should no longer be a barrier to sharing your location with service providers, from online retailers to emergency services, guiding them to you when you most need them.”


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