Are you bored or home alone? Is your laptop out of fresh movies to binge on?

Panicky, you force yourself to take a nap when you could have been watching the third season of Stranger Things.

Imagine having a platform where you can stream movies and other types of content anytime. Cool right?

Here are some video streaming platforms accessible in Nigeria.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service available to Amazon Prime users. Think of Amazon Prime as an online one-stop shop containing pages for shipping, books, music streaming, and video streaming services.

Standard monthly subscription for Amazon Prime is $12.99 while annual subscription is charged at $119.99.

Amazon Prime Video’s home page features kids, Amazon original and popular TV Shows content.

Amazon Prime Videos allows users access to one-month free trials before charging.


Although a good number of Nigerians are familiar with Netflix, some may be unaware that the streaming giant occasionally gifts dormant accounts free-month subscription after their initial first-time free trial.

You may want to check your archived emails to see if you’ve been gifted with another free-month streaming.

You may also want to split payments of multiple-screen accounts with your family and friends to make your monthly Netflix billing affordable.

Iroko TV

If you’re a fan of Nollywood and Bollywood movies, Iroko TV is probably your best bet.

It also offers offline in-store downloads of content.

Additionally, Iroko TV is affordable and easy-to-use. Beware, you may be spammed with calls from the company’s customer experience officers, just checking up on you!

If you like to download movies to watch later on, Iroko TV has got your back.


Showmax is owned by South African’s MultiChoice and offers a vast range of on-demand online service.

It focuses on both local African and international content.

Showmax’s free trials last up to 14 days for first-time users after which they will be charged.

It can be accessed on a variety of devices including; IOS devices, Chromecast, Apple, Samsung and LG TVs.

If you’re into downloading to watch later, Showmax allows up to 25 downloads which will be available for offline streaming.

Bonus: YouTube can be described as the Google Search of video content. It boasts of a variety of content.

Additionally, YouTube offers a dedicated platform for properly curated content called YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) for $11.99 per one user and $17.99 for up to five users.

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