Every corner irritates you – the discoloured walls, rickety furniture, and creaking floorboards or tiles. If this sounds like your current relationship with your bedroom, then you may probably be considering running some renovations. But even the desire to renovate isn’t sufficient to cause a transformation in your space.


With this article, we hope to put together some basic steps with which you can replicate to transform your space for the better.

Create A MoodBoard

Think of a moodboard as a reference serving as a visual representation of what you want your space to look like. This could be in form of images, ideas, or videos.


Research for reference visuals that closely or completely represent the way you wish your room to look like. A simple direction to take is to search online using keywords resembling what you want for your room.

For instance, if you would like to go for a minimalist room design, search the internet using the keywords, minimalist, room, and design. This way, the results which you would get would be most likely to represent the image you have in your head.

Of course, having a moodboard doesn’t necessarily mean you must copy and paste the exact same designs. Remember that a moodboard only serves as a guide


Identify And Note Down Which Part Of Your Room Needs Renovation

What exactly in your room needs renovating. Is it the walls, flooring, or the furniture? These details must be noted down as this will determine crucial factors in your renovation such as; budget and duration.

More areas needing renovation would mean more expenses to be made and could also mean more time. When making notes, do not leave out any areas – you may not necessarily renovate everyplace at once, but having a note of the sum total of places or things needing renovation would put you in a better position to make projections.

Make A Comprehensive Price List Of Items Needing Renovation


Now that you have made these notes, it’s time to put a price tag on everything. For this to be a comprehensive list, you will need to do beyond just online research to make some phone calls.

For instance, if your walls need repainting, you may need to contact several painters to get a sense of what the average fee is for the job. Doing this for every area (needing renovation) will make budgeting more comprehensive.

Contact Artisans Needed For Renovation

Whether it’s a painter, carpenter, or plumber you’ll be needing to make the necessary changes in your space, it’s time to begin contacting them.


Go for artisans you trust or those whom you have heard good reviews on. If possible, supervise whatever work they’ll be doing in your space. Show them pictures or videos from the moodboard you previously created and make sure they understand what is required of them.

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