Sunscreen is a product in lotion, gel, or spray form which absorbs and prevents the sun’s ultraviolet(UV) radiation from reaching the skin.


Sunscreen is also known as suntan lotion or sunblock lotion.

Sunscreen has been in existence for a long time yet opposing scientists have not found common ground on whether the lotion’s benefits outweigh its side effects.

A common misconception among people of colour is that using sunscreen is unnecessary because of the presence of the melanin pigment in their skin.


On the contrary, sunscreen is meant for people of any race or colour as the sun’s UV rays are universally present.

Here are four reasons to convince you of the need to wear sunscreen:

It slows down the ageing process


Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays is a major cause of premature ageing. Developing the culture of applying sunscreen will slow down wrinkly or leathery skin as well as leave the skin healthy.

Sunscreen promotes healthier skin

The damages on the skin by the sun can last a lifetime resulting in problems like sunburn, skin discolouration and even cancer.

Thankfully, with the availability of sunscreen and its easy application procedure, an individual can prevent themselves from such grave skin problems.


Sunscreen is convenient to use

With a varying range of sunscreen products available, it’s no surprise how easy-to-use sunscreen products are. Sprays sunscreen products, moisturizing sunscreens are examples of products that make sunscreen easier to apply and enjoy.

How to use sunscreen

Sunscreen can be ineffective if it is not applied properly, washes off or rubbed off. For this reason, it is important to know to apply sunscreen products properly.


The best step in applying sunscreen is to take note of the particular product’s direction of use. Typically, products take between 15 to 30 minutes to soak into the skin before becoming safe to go under the sun.

Read the time indicated by the product and follow through. In the case where a product doesn’t indicate the amount of time to wait, let the product soak in for 30 minutes before setting out.

Some factors to note

Opt for sunscreen products with a wider range of spectrum protection.


Individuals with lighter skin should opt for products with higher SPF

Opt for products containing vitamins like VItamin A, E and C to help fight free radicals as well as nutrients.

Lip sunscreen are also available and help reduce lip wrinkles

While it is common knowledge that early morning sun provides the skin with Vitamin D, avoid the sun between 10 am and 4pm because the sun rays are at the strongest between these times

Reapply sunscreen product after two to three hours, especially when actively walking or working under the sun

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