Friendship is one of the building blocks for a lifetime love affair, but things may get awkward when one of the partners desires something more intimate.


This dicey situation is otherwise known as the friend zone. To exit a friend zone and become more than just friends with your crush, here are five useful tips you should try;

Decide what you want

The fear of breaking established trust and boundaries is one reason many prefer to remain in a friend zone even when they are interested in something more.


Hence, it is important you discover why you want to leave a friend zone. Is it due to a fleeting feeling, or do you truly want to commit to him/her? Also determine whether your reasons are worth the friendship you presently enjoy.

Find out if he/she is available and interested

Finding out if the other party is already in a relationship will save you the stress of heartbreaks, or losing your friend.


You can also dig out signs to know if he/she is also interested in you from mutual friends. Sometimes, both parties may just be waiting on who will take the right steps that will lead the relationship to the next level.

Get your timing right

Know when it’s best to discuss how you feel with your friend, because a wrong timing may turn your entire efforts to a complete joke.

Plan to do something special remember to pick the right location.


Give visible hints

Romantic gestures like a touching, flirting and spending more time with the person hardly go unnoticed. Let your actions speak. Let them tell your friend that you find them attractive and value him/her more than a friend.

Be sincere

Now that you have your findings and strategies, don’t try to procrastinate or shy away from your feeling. Approach him or her and sincerely tell them why you want to be more than just friends.


Respect their decision

Understand that the person you are interested in may not reciprocate your feelings. Respect their decisions if they don’t want to be intimate.

Be careful to also know when they are trying to ride on your emotions for selfish reasons, and know when to let go of such a person.



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