One of the most important feature of fashion is that fashion trends change over time. Year after year, fashion icons and influencers disrupt existing trends to make way for new ones. This sort of creativity is not only brilliant but the life of the fashion industry.


For instance, in the contemporary scene, during the 1950s, the big fashion trend explored the Hippie movement where tie and dye cloth items were the in thing. By the 1970s, bell-bottom trousers was the fashion trend. The 1990s were big on Grunge fashion — and the early 2000’s on Y2K fashion (baggy-cargo pants for men, and bell-trousers for females).

However, one cannot help but notice that despite these evolution in fashion, a few fashion items never seem to go out of style.

These timeless fashion pieces are mostly basic, but also importantly, functional as they are a perfect fit for almost all occasions. Additionally, these timeless pieces are so popular that even you reading this article own one or two of them.

  • Jeans

What we know as jeans today wasn’t originally designed for fashion. However, since before the 1980s, jeans — whether sewn as dungarees, trousers, jacket, skirts, or shorts — have been a part of most people’s lives.

And although the style of jeans has evolved over the years, this staple fashion item is still everyone’s favourite. Funny enough, jean styles which used to be tagged as “outdated”, have come back in trend — an example is bell-jean trousers.



  • Aviator Glasses

You’ve probably admired aviator glasses from top brands like Ray Ban but what you may not know is that this fashion accessory has been in existence before World War II. I know right? Shocker!

These tough-person looking glasses were designed by Bausch & Lomb in 1936 specifically for Military Pilots. This was to shield their eyes while flying.

It wasn’t until World War II that the Aviator Glasses gained popularity and began to be worn as a fashion item.

Fashion pieces
aviator glasses


  • Black Pumps Or Black Court Shoes

There are so many historical stories about the origin of black pumps. One of the interesting stories is that this was the type of special shoe worn by women working at filling stations. This shoe was designed so that the station attendants could have a good grip on the often oily and slippery floors of the filling station.

Some other myths claim that pump shoes used to be called “pompes” which used to be black heeled shoes worn by men. 

Whichever version of the story you choose to believe, the fact remains that these shoes have been in existence for a very long period of time and will not be going anywhere soon.

Fashion pieces
Black pumps


  • White Sneakers

When you think sneakers, the most popular kind is the white type. You may know these sneakers by their various brands such as Vans, Stan Smith, Supercourt, and Converse. 

Most white sneakers became popular after certain sports celebrities wore them during their games as early as the 1960s. One of such prominent players was Stan Smith; an American tennis player. What did those old-timers know?

You’d be surprised to know that this converted piece of fashion item used to be considered as bad taste.

Fashion pieces
white sneakers

It’s incredible how a lot of people have similar staple fashion items in their wardrobes. Which of these timeless fashion pieces is missing from your wardrobe?


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