Being stuck in traffic can get frustrating and as if that isn’t enough, tiring. But beyond the fatigue traffic creates, lies a more important problem; waste of time. Some residents in Lagos for instance, spend an average of 6 hours in traffic. 


Technically, these six hours are spent doing absolutely nothing, getting pissed off by other drivers, obnoxious commercial bus drivers and their more obnoxious conductors.

Do the math and you may be shocked to find out that more than 30 hours a week of some individual’s lives are spent in traffic being unproductive.

While there’s little anyone can do about the gridlocks, there’s a lot that can be done to ensure that the time spent in traffic is productive.


Some ways to ensure more productivity during traffic include:

Listen to an audiobook

Probably the coolest thing to ever happen is the introduction of audiobooks. No longer do individuals have to give the, ‘I hate reading’ excuse because with an audiobook, you only need to plug in and listen to the narration.


While listening to an audiobook is fun, reading an actual book is still a great idea.

Make that important professional call

Most especially if you drive a private car, a traffic jam is the best time to correspond to your work-related calls.

Compose that work email


While making work-related calls is an option to stay busy during traffic, composing and corresponding to professional emails is another option. Compose emails to your team mates, boss and clients.

With Gmail’s new scheduled mail feature, you can also schedule composed emails conveniently while in traffic.

Enjoy your favourite playlist

Remember that favourite playlist you took the time to compose with all of your favourite music? What better time to enjoy listening to them than when potential annoying traffic “syndrome” persists.


What more, listening to songs on your favourite playlist can open up your portals of creativity by inspiring you. Think about the kind of creativity Fela’s music inspires (yass)!

Stay updated

You know how it seems you never get to stay up-to-date on the news becaue you’re too busy? Being stuck in traffic might present the best time to check up on what’s new.

Scroll through your newsletters, Twitter feed and trusted news websites to be in the know with the latest in the country, your industry, or your interests.


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