Consciously flashing a smile or two while engaging colleagues in conversation or negotiating business deals with clients could be reassuring. But it becomes less desirable without glistening white set of teeth to show off.


As you age your enamel expectedly wears from chewing and constant exposure of the teeth to food acids. This allows the dentine, a deep yellow to brownish material inside your teeth, to show — even when you thoroughly brush.

Although lifestyle habits such as smoking also account for the yellowing of the teeth, there are a number of not-too-demanding measures that you can take to maintain proper oral hygiene and restore the whiteness as you age.

Whitening formula


There are some not-so-costly over-the-counter toothpaste, whitening gels, liquids and other products that you can purchase to restore and maintain the whiteness of your teeth without doing it harm.

You could opt for an ADA-approved formula or that which contains an ingredient called blue covarine. Much of these use mild abrasives and polishing agents create an optical illusion, making your teeth appear brighter.

Opt for whitening kits


Asides from using teeth whitening formula, a pack of teeth whitening kits would be a great option. Their one-size-fits-all trays that adjust to the mold of your teeth would help mask them and attain that ideal whiteness with repeated use.

You could also consider flossing your teeth or apply whitening strips after the regular brushing. They are very thin and coated with peroxide-based gel that would yield the desired results in a matter of days.

Consider dental work

You could also seek the services of a certified dentist who is expected to apply similar, albeit, more professional methods in achieving the desired whiteness. There’s also the option of bleaching or laser whitening which is far more effective than the former.


Tooth whitening and dental work should, however, be approached with caution for those who have lots of dental veneers, bondings, fillings, bridges, and crowns. This is because whitening would not lighten these artificials, thereby, making them stand out.

Home remedies

Some prefer age-long remedy of baking soda and toothbrush to gently remove stains from their teeth. Using hydrogen peroxide as a quick rinse while protecting the gum from abrasiveness with an enamel-protecting toothpaste could also suffice.

Foods such as apples; pears; sugarless chewing gum; and carrots are also a good choice since they trigger saliva. This helps with neutralizing food acids that cause tooth decay and keeping the teeth white in the long run.


Alter your lifestyle

An adjustment to your dietary lifestyle could prove to be an ideal step towards achieving that whiteness to your teeth. Cut down on your consumption of tobacco products and watch it on coffee, black tea, coloured soda, and grape juice.

Brush your teeth after every meal or, at least, twice a day. Consider purchasing a whitening pen with which to paint whitening gel onto your teeth after properly brushing and flossing them. This way, changes would become evident in no time.


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