Since time immemorial, women have had a hassle cleaning up when Aunt Flow comes to visit every month.

A new dawn may be upon us, thanks to an environmentally-friendly sanitary option, which makers describe as the “world’s first reusable tampon applicator”.

Celia Pool, co-founder of eco-conscious brand DAME, said the product, simply known as D, is “the most comfortable applicator you’ll ever use”.

How it works
How it works

It uses a revolutionary self-cleaning technology known as Saniconcentrates within the material. It acts as sterilisers and gives it antiseptic and antimicrobial characteristics.

The applicator can be used repeatedly with just a rinse under the tap. A fully functioning prototype was developed after 14 months of production.

All to know about the applicator
All to know about the applicator

Although not yet available in the mainstream market, it can be obtained on Kickstarter, where its creators have received donor pledges worth $27,597 — out of its $30,534 goal.

On how the idea was conceived, Pool said: “Alec and I used to sell period products to women around the UK. The more we sold, the more we realised the enormous waste coming from these small everyday items.

Co founders; Celia Pool and Alec Mills
Co-founders; Celia Pool and Alec Mills

“We were selling reusable alternatives on our site but no one was buying them. Why not? We dug deeper and discovered that the habit change was one of the biggest barriers to women switching to more sustainable alternatives. We wanted to make it easy.

“So we stopped selling tampons, took a deep breath, and decided to tackle the problem ourselves.”

The 'first' resuable tampon applicator
The ‘first’ reusable tampon applicator

The D applicator comes in a stylish travel pouch to make trips to the bathroom less embarrassing.

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