Although no relationship is totally flawless and many embattled couples and ex-lovers have often reconciled their differences, there is no doubt that ill-fated relationships have a few things in common.


At some point, it might seem easier to end a relationship when the tides are not right but partners often times remain undecided and resilient, not knowing what signs could mean it’s time they called it quits.

Here are five tell-tale signs your relationship is not working and might just be doomed.

Persistent quarrels


Conflict of interests, arguments and quarrels are a normal thing in relationship but when these become irreconcilable, where the partners in question resort to physical violence and constant fights, then there are chances the relationship is not working.

On the contrary, partners in any promising relationship should be able to recognize, respect their differences and reconcile conflicting opinions when they arise – not criticize and hurl verbal missiles at each other.

Communication gaps


Promising lovers should be able to bypass communication gaps and have heart-to-heart conversations without either of the two greeting such scenario with disinterest or rapt attention.

But when one of the couples dreads the others presence and puts up a barrier that makes the other feel uneasy when broaching intimidate conversations, portrays un-communicated disinterest or is only passively attentive, then chances are that the relationship might not last.

Conflict of interest

Not being able to arrive at a unanimous opinion with your partner on issues that bother on the relationship, where you both find it difficult to reconcile interests, is not typical of a promising relationship.


Perhaps, it’s a situation where one of the parties has to defiantly impose their opinion with the other having to oblige without acceding to such. Then, the end might be imminent.

Lack of trust

Asides communication, trust is one of the strongholds on which promising relationships are erected. Have you always had a hunch about your partner not being faithful?

Perhaps you can’t confide in them to keep bone-chilling secrets about you or often feel they might undoubtedly betray your trust someday. Such feelings might indeed be a bad sign.


Nothing seems to work

Has one or both partners portrayed disinterest in salvaging the relationship? Have you sought the service of a third party on a number of occasions but nothing seems to change the status quo?

Perhaps you have tried a therapy session that left you with nothing but a sick feeling in you stomach. Chances are that the relationship might not work and calling it quits could be the last resort.


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