Travelling goes beyond the activity of moving from point A to point B. It is in fact an experience waiting to be untapped as it teaches useful life lessons to anyone willing to take it.


Unfortunately, not a lot of young people tap into the opportunities travelling offers for a couple of reasons — financial incapacity, not having enough time, simply being uninterested, or maybe, family situations.

While we’ll be highlighting just a few pros of travelling in your 20’s, there are so many more reasons to travel.

  • Travelling Teaches You To Respect Other Cultures

If you travel, you’ll learn to respect other cultures other than yours. Although you may experience some cultural shocks at first, you’ll get over it and come to understand why the people of that city or region act the way they do.


Continuous exposure to foreign cultures will eventually teach you to appreciate the cultures of others whether it’s the way they dress, the language they speak, their food, or by other forms of expressing their culture they might have.

Consequently, respecting the culture of others will guarantee you make more connections with people and be more tolerant of people even in your everyday life.

  • Travelling Makes You A Wiser Individual

This one time I was travelling to a city in South-Eastern Nigeria and as we were driving through a mall under construction, a business idea flashed through my mind.


To be honest, I would never have had these ideas if I had not travelled to this city. This is the power of travelling.

Travelling in your 20’s will make you a wiser and smarter person automatically. You’ll have so much to talk about during conversations, and

  • Travelling Expands Your World View

The world is bigger than the little corner you’re used to. Another refreshing advantage of travelling is that it helps expand your view of the world.

By being exposed to other cultures, you may come to appreciate people for who they are and how they live as you compare and contrast other cultures with yours.


When your worldview increases, you could be stepping into a large field of great opportunities.

  • Travelling Teaches You Independence

Every person in their 20’s needs a good lesson on independence if they’re ever going to make a capable individual.

Continuously organizing your own trips teaches you independence. From packing, booking your accommodation, making arrangements for your transportation option [flight, bus, train, etc], picking a city or country to visit, you’ll gradually notice your level of independence and self-awareness increase.

  • Travelling Teaches You To Enjoy The Good Things Of Life

The good and finer things of life go beyond money, having a job, or being in vogue.


Appreciating nature, meeting and making new friends and acquaintances, living in the moment, facing your fears, are some of the good things of life. And travelling will greatly contribute to tutoring you on these.

In addition to these points highlighted, you’ll find out the other perks travelling offers. You do not necessarily have to start off with luxurious holiday destinations.

Begin with cities around you and then build up your itinerary to hot holiday or travel locations.

Talking about travel destinations, where was the last city or town you travelled to? I’ll be looking out for your comment!


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