Ginger is one of those spices which is readily available and easily accessible. More importantly, ginger is an all-time favourite; it’s soothing effect cannot be passed off either. It’s therefore absurd how we tend to underestimate the abilities of this rhizome- a spice powerful enough to get rid of the common cold.


Whether in its raw form, powdered form or favouring, ginger has been proven to enhance health over the decades.

Some medically-proven ways ginger helps our health include;

  • Get rid of nausea with Ginger

Nausea is usually a symptom associated with common fever, post-surgery, and even pregnancy, as well as other advanced medical concerns. All the same, nausea is discomforting and not a good way to feel.


Ginger has been famously used as a remedy for post-surgery related nausea and general nausea. However, it’s been proven that this ginger effect works most actively for nausea triggered by pregnancy. This is also known as morning sickness.

According to the results of more than ten studies, taking ginger during the early stages of pregnancy drastically reduces nausea.

However, it is important for pregnant women to consult with their doctors should they plan to take larger amounts of ginger.

  • Say ‘Goodbye’ to Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps is a form of PMS which might occur a few days, or weeks before a woman’s period. Cramps are the absolute worse. The abdominal pains are literally, to die for. You can say ‘adios’ to those horrible cramps with ginger.

After a study of over 100 women with menstrual cramps was conducted. There were each instructed to take a dosage of ginger during their period days. Afterwards, the results showed that these women experienced a lower level of cramps.

So when next you experience cramping due to your period, make some hot tea with fresh ginger or ginger powder. Alternatively, if you can, chew some raw ginger roots.

  • Ginger may prevent Cancer

Ginger is so powerful that over the years, scientists have theorized that the spice might contribute to eradicating cancer cells in patients.


A property heavily contained in ginger,6-gingerol, may help prevent certain types of cancer.

Although this has not been proven scientifically, there is some evidence which suggests ginger as an effective solution to certain types of cancer.

  • It Can Lower Blood Sugar

Diabetes is triggered by an increased level of an individual’s blood level. A series of recent research suggests that ginger may contain anti-diabetic properties.

This study although not confirmed by other research shows promise for diabetic patients should it be true.


In addition to these mentioned health benefits, ginger helps to reduce heart disease stimulators, indigestion, cold, and even lowers cholesterol levels.

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