Cheesy pickup lines can work like cupid arrows, prompting a desirous smile or even a giggle from the lady of your interest. 


But this same line could be your downfall. Your supposed conversation starters may spell the doom of your dating chances long before it’s even started.

If you must use pickup lines, here are five lines you should never use on a lady;

Your face looks familiar


Except you’re thoroughly sure she looks familiar, avoid saying this to a lady you approach for the first time. As much as it sounds innocent and harmless, this pickup line is a cliche. It has lost its meaning due to overuse.

And many ladies feel you underestimate their intelligence when you use this line. So if haven’t met her before, don’t say she looks familiar.

From the first time I saw you, I can’t get my mind off you?


“Well, I can!”, she may respond. Don’t be reckless with your words. You don’t want her to think you’re a potential creepy stalker. No lady wants that.

The fact that you walked up to her is an indication that you find her attractive, but you don’t want her to start second-guessing what you really think about her in your head.

You look like my younger sister

Then you should be talking to your younger sister, not her. What this line subtlely suggests is a form of unfounded superiority. Even if she truly looks like your sister, you can keep these details for your next conversation. This line may also imply you’re judgemental, and not really interested in knowing her.


You sure have sexy legs

Any word that portrays a woman as a sex object is bound to elicit the wrong reaction. Except you have no plans to date her, stay off the sex subject in your first dialogue.

Are you an angel? You’re so beautiful

This line is also overused and sound childish. You don’t want to look inexperienced in your first chat with a lady. Avoid ridiculous questions in the name of humour.


The bottom line when it comes to conversation starters, is to be original. Ladies love originality with a little hint of humour.

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