You don’t want to be that guy caught over a video conference call in your briefs. Or that lady with noise from kids blaring from your background. Video conferencing calls are the new big deal and way of convening a small, medium, and large audience.


Since March, most of us have been making use of video conferencing call platforms to communicate whether it’s for work, educational, religious, or informal purposes.

You’ll agree that with the experience of being in a video conference calls so far, certain rules make it easier for these e-sessions, meetings, lectures, seminars, parties, celebrations, conferences, and events to go smoothly.

Consider these as guidelines: 

  • Always Mute Your Microphone When You’re Not Speaking

If you’ve participated in video calls or online meetings, you’ll notice one of the major complaints is that of noise. Which is usually from some participant’s background.

One cannot stress the importance of having your microphone turned off during an online video call or meeting. Remember that a speaker will be addressing other people logged into the call and the room can do without the noise from your background. 

All video conference call platforms have a mute button which you have access to switch on and off as you like so make use of them. Always remember to double-check your mute button during a meeting to be sure it’s off.


Additionally, remember to turn on your mic when it’s your turn to speak. It’s always frustrating discovering you’ve been speaking for minutes with your mic off. 

  • Enter Calls With Your Video On

How would you feel being in a physical meeting with people who have their faces masked? Scared right? Definitely uncomfortable too right?

This is the same with video conferencing calls. Having a meeting with participant’s videos off can become darn creepy. So have your videos on at least for a reasonable length of the meeting.

Making use of well-lit areas or backgrounds make the overall quality of your video great.

  • Dress Smartly

The fact that an online meeting is non-physical doesn’t mean one should appear on it looking unkempt. Remember, most meetings are formal and hence, require you to look smart.

So pay attention to your look by dress smartly and grooming properly.

Note that you do not have to dress too seriously. Simple casual wear goes a long way in promoting your appearance.

  • Type Your Questions Or Comments In The Chat Box

Just like in a physical meeting, you do not want to interrupt a speaker during a meeting. Thankfully, all video conferencing platforms have chat box features.


With this chatbox, you can leave your questions there without causing chaos.

  • Make Use Of An Easily Identifiable Username

If you’re one of those people who sign into video conference calls using weird names such as generic phone model names you need to stop.

Recall that online meetings hold as much importance to physical ones. Hence, it’s important that other participants be able to identify you during the meeting. Using your real name or known pseudo name makes identifying you easier.


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