Eunice Atuejide, a presidential aspirant, has received backlash on social media for refusing to be identified as a feminist.


Atuejide is seeking to contest the 2019 presidential election under the platform of the National Interest Party (NIP).

She took to Twitter on Wednesday to say she dislikes being referred to as a feminist because “the word means too many things, many of which I don’t like”.

Atuejide said it is neither a man’s world nor a woman’s, arguing that everyone deserves a fair chance.


“Again, I’m not a feminist! I actually hate it when people call me feminist because that word means too many things, many of which I DON’T LIKE! EVERYONE should have a fair chance. Be yourself and be treated right being yourself,” she wrote.

Atuejide wrote in another tweet: “I’M NOT A FEMINIST! Na by force? And who is a feminist? My friend who won’t cook for her husband & kids cos of equality? The one who always insults men bcos she can? Ladies who won’t let men hold doors for them cos it diminishes their value? What does feminism mean?”


Atuejide’s tweets were received with mixed reactions, mostly criticism.

While some supported her stance to “be different,” others accused her of “misconstruing” the concept of feminism.


After all said and tweeted, Atuejide insists she is unperturbed.

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