Etinosa Idemudia has tackled Victoria Inyama over her controversial comment about the mother of BBNaija’s White Money. 


The reality star recently shared what appeared to be an inspirational post where he said “no woman is out of a man’s league as long as he has money.”

His remark, however, stirred up a hornet’s nest on social media platforms.

Inyama, who also appeared displeased by White Money’s remark, blamed it on the “kind” of woman who raised him.


“When a child is raised by a ‘type’ of mother, it is only typical he projects his disgust of his mother by generalising all women to be like his mum,” she had written in a now-deleted post. 

White Money tackles Victoria Inyama for 'making insulting' comment about his mum

Reacting in a video, Etinosa argued that Inyama loves to “misyarn” when she comes on social media. 


The actress claimed her colleague once denied a comment she made about her child in 2020

Etinosa added that the actress would likely deny making the controversial remark when she eventually meets White Money.

“You see that Victoria Inyama likes to misyarn. She likes to misbehave. And the most annoying part of everything is that If she sees White Money now, she will not be able to open her mouth to talk,” she said. 

“I saw her in London last year, November. This woman denied everything she was saying about me.


“All of them know how to sit down behind and be typing nonsense.

“This new year, anybody wey talk anything about me go collect, online and offline.”

White Money earlier slammed Inyama over the controversial remark she made about his mother.


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