Digitaria exilis commercially known as Hungry rice, or fonio, is a super grain common in West Africa. If the names mentioned in the preceding paragraph ring no bells, you might be familiar with this super grain’s other name; acha or acca.


Grown in West Africa, acha has become one of the indigenous African foods to influence the Western world. This grain is gluten-free and makes a great addition to any diet plan and it can be cooked or baked.

In addition to the great benefits this grain offers, it is super-easy to grow; even on dry land. Isn’t that fantastic? Although before a couple of recent years ago, acha used to be somewhat difficult to mass-produce, modern tech has made this possible. Hence, a great quantity available to meet consumers’ demands.

Now that you have caught up on all the incredible biography of acha, it’s time to discuss the health benefits of the grain in a little more detail:


Acha Aids Digestion

Experience problems digesting meals easily or have a slow metabolism? Acha might be a great addition to your diet. Since acha is rich in fiber, it allows for easy digestion as it passes through the body easily and quickly.

Acha Aids Weight Loss


You should get on the acha train if you’re on a weight loss journey. Since the grain is rich in fiber yet gluten-free and contains a low glycemic index, it is filling when consumed yet not fattening.

Additionally, since this grain has a filling effect, it makes it difficult to have cravings which in turn lead to overeating.

Acha can be prepared as a bowl of cereal and drank with fresh nuts, whole milk, and fresh fruit mix for a more healthy and satisfying feel.

It Provides Energy


Acha isn’t called a super grain for no reason. Acha’s approach to energy-provision is unique: since it is easily digestible, it slowly releases energy into a person’s body. This makes this energy last longer even up until the next meal.

It Helps Detox

Recall the previous description of acha aiding fast digestion? This quality causes the grain to be a good detoxifying agent.

Since acha contains amino acids like methionine and cystine, this helps detoxify and cleanse the liver and the body entirely. This detoxification enables the liver and body at large to perform its functions efficiently.


Some old studies also suggest that acha grains may also serve as a preventive against liver diseases.

Builds Strong Heart

Acha also encourages good heart health as it contains heart-friendly minerals and vitamins. Including acha into your diet will definitely protect and improve your heart function and health.

Strengthens Nails, Hair, Bones & Teeth


If you’ve had the goal of growing stronger nails and hair, then adding the acha grain to your diet is a good way to go.

Recall one of the amino acid components contained in acha mentioned earlier,  methionine. This acid is responsible for the production of cartilage thereby improving the growth of nails and human hair.

Acha is also rich in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Great components which help in the development of bones and teeth. This makes acha a great inclusion in children’s diet since they need all the sources of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus they can get.

Have the health benefits of acha convinced you to give the grain a chance? We’d be stoked to see your comments on that.

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