Google, Apple, and Uber have said they won’t support the development of a Muslim registry by Donald Trump, US president-elect.


They said this to Buzzfeed news after over a thousand Silicon Valley engineers pledged never to help build a Muslim registry.

Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter expressed a similar standpoint a few days ago.

During the presidential campaign, Trump harped on the possibility of creating a register of Muslim-Americans.


Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach, a member of Trump’s transition team, said Trump’s policy advisors began discussing a proposal to build the registry right after the election.

“In relation to the hypothetical of whether we would ever help build a ‘muslim registry’ – we haven’t been asked, of course we wouldn’t do this and we are glad – from all that we’ve read – that the proposal doesn’t seem to be on the table,” said a spokesperson for Google.

An Apple spokesperson also said: “We think people should be treated the same no matter how they worship, what they look like, who they love. We haven’t been asked and we would oppose such an effort”.


Uber and IBM also said “no” in response to whether they would take part in this project.

Oracle and Amazon, two companies that specialise in database services, haven’t clarified whether they will participate.

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