For most men, knowing whether or not their potential spouses are ready to have them pop the proposal question would only demand that a heart-to-heart conversation about marriage is broached.

However, relationships are often such fragile things. And, for some ladies, the thought of plunging into a lifetime commitment with a man in the name of matrimony could be so daunting that it puts them off outright.

In such cases, ascertaining as to whether a partner would say yes to marriage proposal becomes unnecessarily difficult. Sometimes, both partners could unintentionally delve into platonic relationship until the tolerance runs out.

Now, what if there was a way to avert this dilemma and find out if your partner is ready for marriage without having to bug them about it? What if you could find out without even having to ask?

Here’s exactly how to go about it.

Does she like marriage talk?

Your partner is ready for your proposal if she shows a keen interest in airing her opinion when marriage virtues are a subject of discourse. Perhaps, she’s the one to debate ideas on long-term relationships or reinforces her convictions about what should be and what shouldn’t.

Women who aren’t ready for the commitment that comes with marriages are easily put off by talks about them. She’ll probably avoid the entire discussion altogether. This eerie reservedness, in such a situation, might mean she’s not ready to commit.

Does she want to meet the family?

Now here’s another one. When ladies are looking forward to a future with a man, there are subtle social signals that come off them. Has she started establishing links with your family or she incessantly asks to meet them? Perhaps she also wants you to meet hers.

In most cases, matured individuals wouldn’t introduce their partners to the family if they don’t intend to establish a long-term relationship. An even stronger signal is when she seeks to know more about you or you about her. If that’s the case, you’re up for it!

Does she talk future for two?

Now, maybe she has developed this inadvertent inclination for using the pronoun ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ during discussions about future plans. Perhaps she talks about your future plans too and makes suggestions that seem somewhat endearing and romantic.

Does she ask you for career advice in a way she ordinarily wouldn’t? This could be suggestive of the fact that she wants to ensure her career plans are in alignment with yours. Again, you’d better be getting ready to pop the question if you’re up for a union yourself.

Does she connect with married friends?

Married people mostly stick with their peers or, at least, pairs. If she suddenly develops a previously non-existent connection with married friends or is interested in weddings, then she might indeed be ready for the big question.

Perhaps she has an admirable inclination for witty talks about her thoughts on an ideal proposal or other side talks that are suggestive of her desiring a union. Then, you had better shopped for a befitting ring at that renowned luxury store.

How about you broaching the talks?

If previous ideas don’t seem to have worked for you, then you might want to resort to broaching a casual, non-pressing talk about the prospects of your relationship. Wait, you’re not popping the question yet. The idea is to know how she’ll feel about it.

Maybe she intends sharing something platonic or is indifferent because she’s uncertain of your stand on the issue. Perhaps your talking about it would make her reconsider her priorities.

If you find that you’re both on the same page, then the thing isn’t about whether she’ll say yes. It’s more of when you intend making the move and how you’ll go about it.

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