Deciding whether or not to end a relationship can be really tough. When most people are in love, their decisions are understandably influenced by their heart, not the brain. This may result in a situation where many fail to quickly become aware that they are in unsatisfying and toxic relationships.


Should you end your relationship? Here are eight signs you should.

You want completely different things

The start of a relationship is usually rosy, fun and exciting. After a while, the butterflies start to fade and both parties begin to truly know each other. Discovering that you and your partner are going in opposite directions and want different things in life may hurt — especially if you’re already in love with them.


You may be tempted to stay with the hope that you’ll want similar things later on, but more often than not, that never happens. Along the line, these differences will start to cause friction between the both of you. It’s better to let go as soon as you discover your paths don’t align.

You’re unhappy in the relationship

If being in the relationship makes you sad, moody, and makes you wonder what it will feel like to be single again, it may be time to leave.


A relationship should make you happy — even if not every time — and provide you with many great memories. One that does the exact opposite is not great for your mental health.

Your partner cheats on you

A cheating partner should ideally be a deal-breaker. In a situation where the relationship has lasted for a long time, years maybe, it could be difficult to let go when you find out your partner constantly cheats on you.

However, ask yourself if staying in the relationship is really worth it. Is your partner only remorseful because he/she was caught? Will you ever be able to trust again? In most cases, remaining in the relationship after your partner cheats is not a good idea.


There’s no trust

Trust is amiss in a relationship if you say you’re going out with friends, but your partner doesn’t believe you. Or your partner says they have to cancel a date because they’re sick, but you don’t believe them.

Without trust, a relationship cannot grow and will constantly feel hard to be in. There are many reasons for a lack of trust in a relationship. Sometimes it’s because your partner has given you reason(s) not to trust them in the past. Whatever it may be, if trust is non-existent, it may be better to go your separate ways.

You’re always falling for others


There will always be someone more attractive than your partner and so it’s normal to crush on someone else at some point. But if you find yourself falling for others all the time, it may be because you don’t really love your partner.

If this is the case, please let them go to avoid hurting them someday by cheating.

You break up and reconcile often

Many couples, especially those who have been in a relationship for a long time, may have broken up and gotten back together at some point. That is probably nothing to worry about. What is worrisome, however, is if a couple does this over and over.


Repetitive breakups could mean there are issues you will never be able to overcome. It may also mean the couple is not compatible. If you’re in this situation, you might want to save yourself from more wasted time and just end things once and for all.

You’re not yourself

Do you tiptoe around your partner? Are you always worried about what you say around them? Do you have to act like a completely different person around them? If yes, you may need to rethink being in that relationship.

A healthy relationship shouldn’t make you feel alien to yourself. You should be able to confidently be you without fear.

They put you down with their words

One’s partner is supposed to be their cheerleader and supporter. If you find that you’re always at the receiving end of some insulting or condescending comment from your partner, then that relationship needs to end.

Choosing to ignore it and stay will only do damage to your self-esteem and prevent you from doing a lot of things you should. If you were looking for a clear sign to end things, this is it!

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