A rainy day shouldn’t stop you from pulling a remarkable look though it might limit your wardrobe choices.


These functional yet fashional outfit ideas will help you stay stylish whether you’re up against a torrential downpour or drizzle.

Statement trenchcoats

A classic trenchcoat in nude colour will keep the rain away while adding sophistication to your overall appearance. Bold and colourful trenchcoats in pink, blue, green, red and yellow will give all the pop needed to light up a gloomy wet day.


Ankle-cropped pants

Cropped pants are a trendy stylish piece that makes you worry less about mud stains when stepping on puddles. The low ends stay farther from wet grounds than long pants. There’s also an alternative to choose either wide-legged ankle pants or the fitted cropped pants.

Rubber footwear


You might want to invest in sexy rubber loafers and boots on your next shopping trip. These shoes are practically created to give your pair of leather shoes a break whenever it’s raining. They also come in beautiful designs and colours that may pass for your regular footwear.

Comfy sneakers

Sneakers are known for offering comfortable strides; and on a day when you might have to make a quick dash to avoid raindrops, sneakers can make the run easier for you. It is advised that you don’t wear white sneakers as it takes on stains quicker.

Layered clothing


Layering is the quickest way to wade off cold and stay dry when you’re setting out to brave the elements. Brighten up the day by layering your clothes with a floral printed trenchcoat. You can also layer different tones of bold colours for your outfit.

Beautiful umbrellas

Umbrellas can translate to fashion accessories on a rainy day. Opt for an umbrella with rainbow patterns if you want to make a statement. Transparent umbrellas are also trendy alternatives.

Stylish waterproof bags


Waterproof bags don’t have to be boring and drab, as these bags can be flattering accessories while keeping your personal effect away from the rain. You can opt transparent waterproof bags or other fanciful designs.

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