Big Brother Naija is set to make a fiery 2019 return. As expected, Nigerians can hardly suppress the paroxysmic excitement that comes with it.


As if being Africa’s most popular reality TV show is not enough, BBNaija creators have continued to up the stakes and sophisticate the show with ingenious blends of housemates marked for their unique behavioural peculiarities.

This is just as millions of Nigerians continue to visit social media platforms to lend relentless support to their favourite housemates and broach critical conversations about unfolding events.

There’s no doubt that BBNaija has found a spot in Nigeria’s socio-economic sphere. Without mincing words, here are five reasons every Nigerian would love this year’s edition of Big Brother Naija.


The theme

Sequel to a season of ‘Double Wahala’, one would easily think ‘Forget Wahala,’ the theme for this year’s edition of Big Brother Naija, would be free of troubles. But in fact, Nigerians are eagerly expecting this year’s theme to stir drama amongst the incoming housemates.

What if ‘Forget Wahala’ isn’t really the theme? What if it turns out to be something more jolting? Perhaps more controversies and a bit of romance that smudges memories of pre-existing tension instead of dousing it.


Selection method

Every aspiring housemate already got used to being auditioned for the show in person, being made to respond to questions impromptu and having to prepare for the compelling talks on how they would be an ideal addition to the housemates.

But, for the very first time, organizers of show are selecting housemates from online auditions. This new addition is set to come with a plot twist which will definitely be a hit amongst the Big Brother Naija fan base.

Big Brother in Naija


The fourth edition of Big Brother Nigeria would hold in Nigeria, in the very core of the nation’s commercial city. This would, no doubt, make the 2019 season interesting and, of course, birth more compelling plots and storylines.

Previous editions had been filmed in South Africa, leaving Nigerians grumbling at the idea of the country’s resources being doled out to foreign countries. But Multichoice thrilled fans when it announced its decision to bring the show back to Naija.

Fake housemate

Once a while, BBNaija introduces ‘fake and underdog housemates’ to ‘wreak havoc’ and spice up the drama in the BBNaija narrative. This has countlessly left fans looking out for the eerie housemates and fellow housemates being weary of them.


The fun that lies in this is the sudden burst of activities – sometimes counterintuitive, other times so logical that we get the impression they are not fake after all – that means everyone is caught up in their bid to discern between the fakes and the real. There’s this to look out for in 2019.

The winner’s prize

While the prize money for this year’s edition has not been announced, John Ugbe, CEO of MultiChoice Nigeria, hinted that the year’s prize money for season 4 will be even more than last year’s.

Apart from looking forward to finding out what the prize money is, Nigerians would also love to call and text into the show to ensure that their favourite housemates go home with the grand prize.


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