We complain a lot about what men do to us the weaker vessels and wonder countlessly if they can get any better, even if just for a moment. Well ladies, we aren’t the only ones with emotions running high, sometimes.


Sometimes, the guys have their own pound of flesh to retrieve no matter how romantic we think they should be. They have a few things they’d rather the women folk stopped or at least put a leash on. So far, I have been able to collate four common but pressing ones.

Hard to get. The age long myth that says that if you don’t play hard to get he wouldn’t appreciate you existence, might be wearing thin, don’t you think? What with a new springing generation of darers who would rather take th bull by the horn and approach a guy themselves without waiting to be approached much less, feign disinterest when approached. Men are fast embracing this new regime [even if it because it makes it easier for them] because no one likes to expend that much energy anymore. It is bad enough they are coming to the realisation the belief that if indeed you are playing hard to get, it means you really aren’t interested and then the next second you’re wondering why he moved on so fast, thinking he probably did because he wasn’t as interested as well. See where this is going?

Venting/irritation. We humans have a tendency to unleash, at the barest opportunity, our anger and frustrations on whoever is in sight to receive it without for our five minute madness, realising this person has absolutely nothing to do with it. This was a common complain amongst men. Now they don’t mind helping you out and holding onto you when you’re angry, mad or irritated, there just won’t mind if you do it with a little less vendetta towards them like they are the actual cause of it.


Leading them on. It is simple. Men and women don’t like to be led on. Especially if there isn’t going to be anything involved after the chase. Guys do not like when they see a green light where is clearly a red light but you’re flashing an amber ‘maybe’ light.

Sex battles. As funny as this sounds, it isn’t exactly sexy when they have to fight for sex. Especially when you’re already in the relationship and you forget that the chasing days are over and become adamant during sexual intercourse. You remind them of the chasing period and in as much as that was done for the love of you, it can be a huge turnoff.


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