If you’re wondering how to celebrate bae’s birthday this year, a surprise party might be the perfect option.

A surprise party is a type of party organized without the knowledge of the celebrant. Asides from birthdays, surprise parties are also organized for occasions like a baby shower, anniversaries, engagement, etc.

Surprise parties are fun to plan but care must equally be taken throughout the organization process.

Keeping in mind that the element of surprise is important for any surprise party, here are the easy steps to organising one:

Make a personal plan

You know the kind of person your partner is. This information will guide you in choosing a theme for the party you’ll be organising. Also, knowing your partner’s preference will guide you in mentally drafting a guest list as well as the size of the party.

Eating lifestyle and preference is also a key factor; you want to make sure the kind of snacks and meals you’ll be serving at their party is to their taste.

Remember, it’s their day and all about them.

Pick the perfect day

The importance of picking the perfect day for your partner’s surprise party cannot be stressed enough. You want to choose the exact day marking their birthday, or a date close to it. You also want to double-check your partner’s schedule and make sure they have the particular day you pick free.

Get a team together

Depending on the size of the party you wish to organize, planning a surprise party is fun when you include people. However, choose the team members carefully. You want to go for friends or relatives who can keep a secret.

When you have gotten the team together, assess their strengths and delegate roles to them. For instance, a friend with great taste in music should be in charge of picking the songs or DJ for the party.

With the right team, it is time to implement the plans you have laid out.

Pick the right venue

After putting the team together, the next step should be picking out the perfect venue. Again, remember the special day is about your partner. It’s their birthday after all. Hence, picking out the perfect venue should be done with their preference in consideration.

Whether it’s a hall, a restaurant, etc, make sure to book ahead of time. You may also look deeper for cheaper deals on renting a venue.

Pick a theme

It may seem like a big deal choosing a theme for the party but doing this gives a clearer sense of direction when it comes to organizing the perfect party.

Some examples of party themes include; costume party, masked party, etc.

Decorate and put things in place

Depending on the theme of the party, decorating will be easier. Cheaper decorating items can be gotten from local stores and supermarkets. Your party team will go a long way in helping with decorations.

Tick off priorities like food, drinks and music arrangements off your list by following up on team members in charge. Book every necessary service and cross-check before the D-Day.

Invite guests

Now that you have things ready, it is time to invite guests. Choose your guests as carefully as you chose the party-planning team.

You want to invite guests who pass two criteria: the first criteria is that they are discreet enough not to blow up the surprise, and the second criteria should be that the celebrant is in good terms with them or that they’re at least acquainted with your partner, the celebrant.

Modern technological platforms like email-invites and event-planning applications have made inviting guests for events easier. While these modern platforms are more efficient, they also serve as tracking tools to know the expected number of guests attending.

Create a diversion

If you want to go a hundred percent with the surprise, it’s always a safer bet to create a diversion. This diversion may be in the form of another activity involving you and your partner.

While easing into the activity of diversion, you should have a trusted friend or relative putting final touches at the venue of the surprise party, ready for your signal to keep guests quiet as you and your partner approach the party venue.

Have fun


The organizing process may have been tougher than you imagined but the only way to truly enjoy the occasion is to be in a party mood.

Pull the element of surprise and startle your partner then have fun with loved ones and friends.

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