Nick Cordero, a Canadian actor, has suffered severe lung damage from COIVID-19, days after he had his leg amputated due to complications with blood clots.


Amanda Kloots, the 41-year-old movie star’s wife, broke the news on Thursday while updating Cordero’s fans on the state of his health via her Instagram story.

The fitness instructor said, the actor, who has been in intensive care since late March, was discovered to have holes in his lungs such that his doctors described him as looking like one who smoked for 50 years.

“It started off with a low blood count. But CT scans came back clear of internal bleeding. However, we did learn that due to COVID, Nick’s lungs are severely damaged,” Kloots said in the video.


“They look almost like he has been a smoker for 50 years, so they say. They’re that damaged. There are holes in his lungs where obviously you don’t want holes to be.

“So this was found because his oxygen count went down. And so they kind of went down and deep into the lungs. It wasn’t as bad as a couple of days before, but they had to clean out his lungs again.

“I think the plan is to do a scan to light up his lungs so they can get a better picture of what is going on. Obviously, it’s super scary news to hear. But I’m not giving up hope.”


Cordero is best known for starring in ‘Rock of Ages’ and ‘Waitress on Broadway’. He was nominated for a Tony for his role in ‘Bullets Over Broadway’.

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