Blaqbonez, Nigerian rapper, has explained why the ideals of monogamy are unrealistic for him.


The 25-year-old artiste spoke of the concept behind ‘Sex Over Love‘, his recent album, in an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

“It’s me just speaking against what society considered a norm, basically being a rebel, and feel like there are people out there that can relate to what I’m saying. I feel like love these days comes with too much pressure,” he said.

“It’s a good thing but I feel it should be undiluted. I should be able to love you, my friends, and my family, equally.


“I should be able to be there for everyone at the same time but relationships are like, once you enter, someone says, ‘I’m now your priority. Your family is secondary.’ And I’m like, ‘where did you come from?’

“You’re not there all this while and, all of a sudden, you’re my priority. It also comes with that sense of entitlement and exclusivity. Even if you’re not cheating, it becomes a problem when you’re calling a particular person a lot.

“The way society portrays love is not something I can do. If you come into my life, you cannot outrank those that are already there. I’m not in a relationship. That mindset is not going to change.”


Blaqbonez, whose real name is Emeka Akumefule, pointed out that he will have affairs if forced to marry one wife.

“I can get married but everyone has to know I can’t be exclusive. Monogamy for me is unrealistic. If I marry, I’ll be polygamous. I don’t lie about it. I’m not going to pretend to a girl saying, ‘you’re the only one I care for,'” he added.

“The message is clear in my album. If any female is in my life, she already knows how I role. Funny enough, I’ve not met anyone who is interested in my polygamous ideals. If I tell them, they think it’s a phase and try to change me.

“See, one thing I know I can tell you beyond doubt is, no matter what, I will cheat. Back in the days, you only see like 10 hot babes all your life. Now there are hundreds on IG. I can’t cope.”


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