Rakim Mayers, American rapper and record producer better known as ASAP Rocky, has been indicted on domestic assault with bodily harm in Sweden.


The 30-year-old singer- cum-actor was arrested in Stockholm and remanded in prison alongside two of his accomplices after the trio was involved in a fight that got captured on camera.

Although the singer had claimed he acted in self-defense after some persons came on their trail and kept following them, he effectively risks a maximum sentence of two years in as the laws in Sweden have it.

Daniel Suneson, the alleged victim’s lawyer, said the statement made against the rapper was supported by witness statements and substantial evidence, some of which are unknown to the public.


“My evidence consists partly of a number of films that I will play in court. Some are known to the public and some are not,” Suneson told Radio 1 Newsbeat, referencing a CCTV footage obtained to back the plaintiff’s claims.

Rocky, who was arrested on July 3 for a crime that allegedly transpired on June 30, would be due to undergo trial as from July 30.

However, Rocky’s continuous detention, while investigations proceed, has been widely condemned by the allies of the alternative hip hop star amid “racism” with relation to the case.


This has prompted Donald Trump, US president, to make attempts at securing his bail. He had also discredited claims that the rapper was a flight risk.


“From the perspective of individuals in the case, it is, of course, an extremely long time — three weeks – in jail. Three weeks of investigation time for an assault with three suspects” isn’t a long time,” Suneson, however, countered.

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