Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, Nigerian comedian popularly known as Ali Baba, says gullible celebrities spend their fortune trying to meet the expectation of others without saving for the rainy day.


Commenting about celebrity life on his Instagram page on Thursday, the comedian also said the lifestyle of many actors is not funded by acting alone.

“Many celebrities are often hung to dry in these expensive expectations and when they go broke, the same people will be quick to say, “Lobatan… e never finish?” he said.

“A celebrity wears a favourite shoe twice in a space of 3 months, and the status mongers jump on the pictures and pair them, side by side. Yes. There you go!!! Proof that the celebrity is in financial dire straits.


“So the celebrity, the gullible ones, get pressured into spending fortunes on meeting those expectations and without an umbrella in the rainy days.”

He said many actors remain in acting for the passion and for career fulfilment.

“No one will start paying you between 1m to 5m, from day one. There are ladders to climb, hurdles to jump, sacrifices to make and disappointments to experience. If you are good, the sky is the limit. But first, make sure you have what it takes,” he wrote.


“The lifestyle of many actors you see is not funded by acting alone. Many do other businesses. There are contractors, businessmen, car dealers, fashion shop owners, merchants, Mceeing, brand influencing, celebrity appearances, endorsements, investors… that’s where the Chanel bags, Louis Vitton, YSL, Hermes, Birkin and co items come from.

“As for the movies, many actually do it for the love and for career fulfilment. The fame na jara. To earn 2m per movie set no be beans.”

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