A woman’s wardrobe is not complete without certain fashion items, and the following trousers fall into that category.


Here goes…

Boyfriend jeans

These are must-haves as they add an edge to your look. They let your legs breathe from the daily routine of tailored trousers and tight jeans. You can wear them with heels for a sexy touch or pair them with flats if you are going for a casual look.


Palazzo pants

You can never go wrong with a pair of palazzo pants as they are very fashionable. They are also known to be quite airy. The more tailored ones can be worn to the office with a well-fitted shirt. They also go well with pumps and stilettos.


Wide-leg pants

These pants make your legs look longer. The best ones are tight on top and pool over at the bottom.  They can be worn anywhere; to the office, a party or get them in jeans for your casual activities. They help women with slim body types to look more well-rounded.


Tailored trousers

These are mostly worn to the office and for formal events. They also look very nice as they are well-fitted on the body. The only downside is that you have to iron them every time.

Track pants


These pants are best for hitting the gym, travelling and as casual wear on the weekends. They are very comfortable and it is best to get one in your favourite colour.

Tapered pants

Tapered pants are very chic and add style to your look. The high waisted ones look best and they can be paired with heels or flip-flops, depending on the occasion.


Cropped trousers

These trousers highlight the beauty of a blouse and can be paired with anything to look casual or formal. They are also suitable for any body type.


Also known as khakis, they are very comfortable and easy to wear. They pull off an elegant and casual look at the same time. They are also a very good alternative for jeans.

Sailor pants

They have a very fashionable touch and are very comfortable. They also have a lovely design with the unique placement of buttons on the front and wide bell bottoms.

Denim jeans

There are jeans in different types and sizes. Owning a jean is essential but buying one that fits is even much better. They can be worn for anything, whether casual or formal occasion.


They are the most comfortable wear ever. You can get in different colours and prints to add an edge to your outfit. You can also get jeggings which are like leggings but in denim.


They can be worn to events, casually at home or even to the office as they are very chic and comfortable. There are different styles and designs.


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