Adekunle Gold, the singer, has revealed why he quit painting 14 years ago. 


In a widely-circulated letter on Wednesday, the 36-year-old songwriter said during his school days, “I started to feel even more defeated when my paintings would be awarded the lowest scores.”

In the lengthy piece, Gold also advised his readers “not to rob yourself of your own greatness” by yielding to negative emotion.

“Imagine applying for a job and as you’re applying someone tells you that it’s impossible for you to get the job. Allowing yourself to feel a negative emotion from that person’s words could stop you from actually applying for that job and doubting yourself,” the letter reads.


“Just like that, you’ve manifested a different reality for yourself from the emotions you felt. When you start to realize how impactful emotions can be, you realize that it’s important to learn how to manage them.

“As a creative, putting your work out there can be stressful, you get anxious and wonder how the world will receive it. I always talk about being a painter. You know I studied art and design and of course, you remember all my photoshop days but did you know I haven’t painted in over 14 years? I’ll tell you the story of why I stopped painting.

“I was always quite expressive growing up, I always had things I wanted to say and gradually I figured that art and design was my thing. My dad was a painter and sculptor so he was a big influence on me going into the same field. I started painting because of him really.


“Having this artistic ability shaped my mind a lot and being able to bring a picture to life on a canvas made me feel like anything was possible. It pushed my mind to thinking beyond the norm and helped me explore my curiosity.

“Until I got to school, the real world, and started painting outside of my comfort zone, started comparing my work to my classmates and feeling like my painting were not special. I started to feel even more defeated when my paintings would be awarded the lowest scores. I would look at my own art and feel underwhelmed and inadequate.

“I allowed the feedback my lecturer gave me to develop into a negative emotion, I absorbed and embodied them.

“Your emotions are feelings that come and go and they shouldn’t define you or determine your reality.


“Experience them and if you must then only take in the positives.

“Don’t rob yourself of your own greatness. I could have reacted differently, taken feedback from my lecturer, and allowed the marks they gave my painting to encourage me to do better and improve my work.

“I’m learning to do that now. It’s helping me deal with how I respond to negative comments I see online. A few years ago, you couldn’t say anything about me online without me responding lol.

“I started painting again and I’m glad I did. I also started playing the piano. I’m in this phase of my life where I have become very confident in who I am. My emotions can no longer trick me into thinking otherwise.


“Even though I stopped painting, the interesting thing is that I always view my albums as a piece of painting. I always ask myself, what picture do I want to paint with this album, what stories do I want to paint and who do I want to paint myself as this time? As you listen to my next album, keep this in mind.

“The last time I wrote to you, I told you how positive thinking can manifest into a positive reality. It’s the same thing with your emotions.

“The feelings actually come before the thought then the action; what you do with your thoughts and feelings become your reality.”

Gold said ‘Tio Tequila’, his highly-anticipated album, will be out on Thursday.


“Tio Tequila drops tomorrow! Get Readyyyy!” he added.

In 2021, Gold launched Shades, his paint company.

He said the company was floated as a result of his love for colours and interior design.

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