It is bad enough that some regular sex positions are indeed tricky, how much more when one has body size issues to contend with. It can either get uncomfortable or even dangerous.


But that doesn’t mean as a big sized person there aren’t still ways that you can enjoy sex to the max. Here are five.

The Missionary Position. The basic missionary position, which is man on top of woman, is the easiest one to come by but can also prove difficult when you’re dealing with a big-sized person. But by tweaking the position ever so slightly, they too can still manage to enjoy the intimacy and ease of the most commonly practiced position. So instead of the male lying on top of the female, he can kneel or rest between her legs as he penetrates her. This offers easy thrusting and the pleasure of watching your mate’s expression of ecstasy.

The Doggie Style. By far a lot of people’s best sex position, and it can be for the big-sized too. Good thing men often than none, love what they see which is why this sex position creates all the thrill needed for stimulation thanks to the view from behind.


The Fetal Position This one is more adventurous and for the adventurous at heart. Having her lie on her side in sort-of a fetal-like position while he kneels in behind her buttocks offers a very comfortable way to penetrate. Using a couple of pillows to prop up the hips to a more convenient level is one way of tweaking to your satisfaction. He can also hold her top leg up as he thrusts which may not only prove more pleasurable for both, but also gives a little something to grasp on to for more thrusting power.

The Reverse Cowgirl. Everyone wants to be a cowgirl. By engaging on a woman-on-top position; his or her size makes no difference at all. By being on top, a woman is able to position herself comfortably for penetration and control the depth and speed. He then gets to sit back and relax and enjoy the feeling of his partner doing the work while he gets to watch her every move. This is by far one of the most popular sex positions for fat people—with good reason.

Blowing His Mind. A blowjob, according to testimonies, has gone to farther places than the men have ever imagined. Give it a try. You don’t need a body size to do this.


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