Making conversation for most can be a tad hard and discouraging especially having had several unsuccessful attempts.


Sometimes you use a bad pick-up line and spoil it entirely or you stumbled over your words when you tried to start chatting – but what about when you hit it off with someone for real? How can you make that happen every time you see someone you want to talk to? Here are 10 good ways to start a conversation with someone you don’t know!

Introduce yourself. Introduction is key. It is simple and sincere. “Hi, I’m Tobi” is a great way to start. It’s real, it’s truthful and the polite response from her is to say “Hi, I’m Sisi.” Girls are wary of cheesy pick-up lines and no one wants to sound like they’re using one that’s been tried a thousand times before. Try an icebreaker that you’d do in “real” life and see where it takes you.

Ask him what he’s having for dinner. So you go on a date by yourself to have dinner and you spot a cute guy. An easy and not-too-risky way to start a conversation is to ask about that yummy-looking entrée he’s eating.


“Who’s playing today?” Lucky for you if you’re in a sports bar, easiest river to catch some fishes and do it right with the right questions asked to strike up that lasting conversation.

Common Interests. This is by far the easiest way to get talking with someone. If you see someone who catches your eye, with a book or a stack of papers in front of him at dinner, it can be a great way to start talking. Mention that you’ve had a busy day too, or ask what he thinks about the book he’s reading.

“Your dog is so cute! What kind is it?” Say this in a really nice way and you definitely will get him or her smiling and eventually answering. Pets are a perfect conversation starter for two people who probably have been trying to strike up a conversation. Most people with pets love to talk about their “best friends” and are open to this kind of approach.


“Is this seat taken?” This question is not only romantic but will definitely get attention. If there’s an open seat next to that cute girl, ask if you can sit there! Next? Introduce yourself and see where things go.

Great shoes!” Compliments are the way to go and everyone loves to be complimented. Be sincere, pick out one specific thing you notice about him or her and use it to start talking.

Ask her opinion, if you’re a guy. Surprise her by making her know her opinion counts no matter what it is. Maybe you’re fresh off a meeting and you’re looking for a good lunch spot, if you see someone you want to talk to, this is a great icebreaker.

Ask for help, if you’re a girl. Playing the cute girl in need of help always sets the guy’s ego rolling and wanting to play hero. Need directions? Need a suggestion on your dinner spot after you finish cocktails? Ask that cute guy what he likes in the neighborhood.


Recent movies, concerts and restaurants are great conversation-starters. Ask her if she’s interested in music/arts/etc., and then explore common interests.

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