Great sex is your right and while you should demand it from your partner, also know this; it requires effort and takes two to tango.


Sometimes, in relationships and marriages, sexual activity wanes for a number of reasons, among which is the failure to initiate the process by one or both parties.

And when sex starts to take the back seat, disgruntlement and ultimately resentment assume the driver’s seat.

Over time, many men have lamented that their partners hardly take the initiative of kickstarting the process of lovemaking.


On the other hand, a number of women complain that men hardly get the signals of interest and desire even when right in the faces.

A school of thought opines that it is the responsibility of a man to initiate sex more since he has a higher yearn for it while another posits that women should take the bull by the horn when interested in sex rather than drop non-verbal cues.

What is your thought on the debate? Whose job is it to initiate sex more?


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